Decidiendo por un Futuro Mejor (DFM)

DFM is a large scale policy pilot that aimed to reduce drop-out rates in Peru. The project provided families with information about the economic and social returns of completing basic education and completing tertiary education. In this way, the intervention corrects families’ erroneous expectations about the benefits of studying and improve their education investment decisions.

Peruvian National Higher Education Survey 2017

A joint initiative between the Ministry of Education of Peru and Innovations for Poverty Action to collect information about the transition between higher education and the labor market. Three surveys were collected: an undergraduate student survey, a college graduates survey, and an employers survey.

Building a better future with informed investment in higher education: Evaluating the impact of personalized provision of information on earnings and financial aid in the Dominican Republic

As a joint initiative between J-PAL and the Social Policy Coordination Cabinet (GCPS) from the Dominican government, we are implementing and evaluating a policy pilot intended to increase access to post-secondary education among the young vulnerable population of the Dominican Conditional Cash Transfer Program (PROSOLI). To achieve this goal, the project aims to equip PROSOLI’s social workers with an Artificial Intelligence Assistant -through a mobile APP- that will provide customized guidance to senior high school students in their transition to tertiary education.